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A new website and some new thoughts

After watching several social media sites and art portfolio sites succumb to the pressures of AI, I've decided to move away and try something more tailor made for me. I plan on doing much more with this site, so changes will happen again as we move into 2024.

My daughter Cheyenne, a master pen thief.

I'm hoping this site lets me share something a little more personal. Some process videos, some how-to's in this blog section, and my thoughts on art and design. I love sharing artwork, but I like having a space to discuss the nuts and bolts of art as well.

I hope you enjoy the site. It's a work in progress, so pardon the dust. My home studio is also in progress, but it's getting very comfortable to work in. My family enjoys spending time in here with me as well which is an added bonus.

I've got much more art to frame and I'm in desperate need of a proper flat file. It's so incredibly nice to finally have a real home studio though. My Disney animation desk will undergo a little repair, and then I'll have even more working space in here.

I enjoy working digitally, but the events of the past couple years have made me realize how important traditional artwork is to me. I'm excited to start on a few new traditional projects this year.

Alena and I will be exhibiting at Lightbox Expo this week so we're putting together some last minute items for our booth. After Lightbox is over, I'll be posting here at the minimum weekly. -Cory

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Sean McNally
Sean McNally
Oct 31, 2023

Exciting stuff! Can’t wait!

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